Up to 80% of enterprise data is inactive, outdated or non-essential. This unnecessary data can adversely impact system performance because it takes the system longer to work through a large amount of data. The degraded performance can be costly in the form of lost productivity, exposure to potential litigation, and escalating hardware investments.

Purging and archiving with Archivist™ streamlines production data management to virtually eliminate data growth problems and dramatically improve system processing and reporting performance.

Archivist™ customers see numerous benefits:

Improved Data Growth Management

As the size of your databases grow unmanaged, several problems arise:

  • Significant decrease in system performance

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Faster ERP Upgrade Cycles

ERP upgrades are complex, time-consuming projects that often encounter numerous difficulties and delays. Archivist™ archives your data first - minimizing the time required for data cleansing, and thus conversion. It provides smoother, more repeatable upgrade cycles with fewer data glitches when upgrades go live.

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Create Micro Test Environments

Testing new versions of software or software enhancements requires that a defined subset of data be available to cover system and regression test scenarios. Test databases are typically replications of production databases, so bloated test databases make less than ideal environments for testing. Archivist™ creates referentially intact copies.

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Faster Disaster Recovery

No company wants to experience a disaster scenario. Data and productivity loss is costly and can bring a company to its knees. With Archivist™ in place and incorporated into a company's disaster recovery plan, the impacted organization can achieve faster, more complete data recovery, thus reducing the risk exposure and cost impact.

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